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A Note On Tinder

Yesterday an investigative piece on the Tinder lawsuit was published on TechCrunch. The piece took quite a bit of reporting, and in the process of researching, our writer, Jordan Crook, spoke to more than 15 people involved in the case.

While there is always room for tighter edits, the story went through multiple editors at TechCrunch and multiple passes from our legal team. However, this work was called into question by an Events post that went up an hour later, unbeknownst to me and my co-editor Matthew Panzarino.

That post announced that Tinder CEO Sean Rad would be speaking at Disrupt SF, which was a decision made a month ago. Unfortunately, the timing of that post made it look like this event was tied into the just-published story.

Since those two posts went out, I personally have received a threat on my safety, and the writer has had to deal with unfair accusations that we traded TechCrunch coverage for a Disrupt spot for Rad. I cannot be more clear: That is not what happened.

What did happen? Some incredibly bad blog timing coupled with an issue as incendiary as gender in tech. I apologize for the mistake, and the mistaken perception of our editorial mission and team.


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