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No One Really Knows Why There Aren’t More Women In Tech

imageIf you ask almost any guy, why there aren’t more women coders, the answer you’ll get will likely be generalized and/or superior. If you ask a woman, and she didn’t give you a personal reason, the answer would probably be just as generalized, except with less superiority in tone, obviously. 

The reason this happens is that no one really knows why; All answers to the “Why aren’t there more women in technology?” question are imperfect. It’s basically a chicken and egg problem. There are not that many because there are not that many, if there were more, there would be more i.e. with more visible programmer role models younger women would view coding as a normal thing and perhaps pursue it as a profession.

It’s when the superiority of one gender versus another gets projected onto this malleable phenomenon that things get ugly.

For what it’s worth: I am not a programmer (yet) because no one told me why programming was important until it was a lot harder to learn. Hopefully this will be different for my daughters and my daughters’ daughters.

Also for what it’s worth, if we’re going to stretch the chicken and egg metaphor, in this case the women did come first.

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