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Alexia And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week


So I’m still sort of shocked and still can’t believe that it happened, but I had my computer stolen and got in a car wreck on the same day this week (Monday).

Unfortunately it was also the day I made the Internet explode because I cursed and referred to drinking in a TechCrunch post about Flipboard and old media. My car is totaled (the other driver ran a red), my laptop is gone and half the Internet thinks I should be fired. Oy. 

What’s worse is that my waking hours since Monday morning are filled up with ER visits and calls to bored insurance claims adjusters instead of excited startup founders and I don’t like that. I just want my normal life, laptop, iPad, headphones and car back. Mourning stuff sucks. 

One thing that’s made the chaos of the past days a lot easier (other then this really well-thought out Poynter piece about TC)?

My coterie of smart, amazing friends, family and colleagues who have made art for me, brought me food, offered rides and sent me random presents to get me to not be so scared about random circumstances outside my control.  

If that includes you (And you know who you are, Spencer): I love and am so grateful for y’all, because you are the some of the most loyal, creative and funny people on earth. Thank you, because you made me laugh (yeah even you Kara) and I am a lot less scared now. 

And, though I sprained my neck in the crash, I wasn’t badly hurt or killed and am generally okay, which is a big, big deal, especially when it’s a head on collision like mine was. As one friend told me on Monday, be grateful for every sandwich. 


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