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Uber For Therapists


What other businesses can we expect to emerge in analog-data-driven, central-intelligence queue marketplace businesses? Some interesting ones are probably already being built: a market for private neighborhood security (off-duty cops)? An auction for short-term patent licenses (litigator included)? Technology already enables efficient redistribution for your spare change: it’s Kickstarter and AngelList. We will definitely see dynamically-priced queues for confession-taking priests, and therapists!

12 Days


So when I said:

I also can’t help but wonder if maybe this is a message from Facebook: don’t want to come work with us? Fine, we’ll clone your service in a couple weeks and ship it to a billion users.

Yeah, my bad. It was 12 days.

On Mourning And Internet Self-Expression


People deal with shock in different ways. While most of us sit at our desks waiting for the Internet to insufficiently answer our questions as to why the Sandy Hook shootings happened, many of us are also dealing with the banalities of day-to-day work on a pre-holiday Friday; “It is terrible what happened in Connecticut. Did you get my email about Monday’s meeting?”

These types of conversations around tragic events, both online and offline, cause existential discord: There are very few people who wouldn’t agree that the shooting of children (children!) is an extremely horrific event. We are definitely in the majority.

But it is okay to talk about work right now just like it’s okay to be extremely distraught over this news. Humans have very strange and different ways of processing sadness.

When I found out what is possibly some of the saddest news I’ve ever received, I drove from Huntington Beach to LA and sat silently in my car in the parking lot of a public library for 3 hours. And then drove back. Inexplicably.

And no, I did not tweet about it and won’t post what it is here — Because I prefer to deal with some things privately.

But it’s fine if you want to tweet about your feelings regarding the Connecticut shooting, or anything really. Or not. And if some of you don’t feel like writing or sharing a story about a photosharing app (or do) for the next couple of hours, that’s okay too.

Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.

Arthur Schopenhauer

— This describes what sets founders apart

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Sarah AustinActor, “Silicon Valley” 

Really don’t know what to say here other than if I said something like this one of my parents would slap me. 


Sarah Austin
Actor, “Silicon Valley” 

Really don’t know what to say here other than if I said something like this one of my parents would slap me. 

Role Models

"Go build awesome stuff and change the world so we can write about it and change the world even more. Because between life and death there is meaning, even if it’s what we create: The value of a role model is that they teach you what’s possible.”

Eric Eldon, in "Rest In Peace, Charles Alfred Eldon"